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Erase Stubborn Stumps from Your Property

Stump being ground

Ever tried to remove a stump yourself? As the base of a full grown tree, it has thick heavy roots underground that spread and stretch, grown over hundreds and even thousands of years! You must sever the ties between them and the actual stump then dispose of the stump afterwards in a safe manner that won’t cause you exhaustion or injury. The entire process is intense labor and not for the faint-of-heart.

Mountain View Tree Service knows there’s a better way.

Our company has perfected our stump grinding process down to a swift science, and uses those methods to serve the needs of our valued local clients. We can grind stumps of almost any size down to next to nothing, and dispose of them in a fast, efficient method that leaves little trace that a tree was even present.

Why Remove The Stump?

Stumps may look harmless, but they can be home to invasive insects and hazardous fungi. These problem pests can move from dead stump to healthy trees and cause more problems for you down the road. Our stump removal professionals eliminate them and leave you with a healthy landscape you can truly enjoy.

Removing tree stumps also offer more benefits than just eliminating troublesome organisms. Destroying tree stumps gives your yard better aesthetics with a smoother, more-managed landscape. It also eliminates any damage potential for you, your guests, or your lawn and landscape equipment. This can keep you from costly injury or equipment replacement, saving you money over time.

Finally, with no stump to take up valuable space, you can encourage and realize renewed growth for new trees, shrubs, and plants. With all these benefits, the question then becomes “Why shouldn’t I get rid of the stump?” And the answer is always “You should!”

Talk to our stump grinding professionals here at Mountain View Tree Service at (973) 692-0080. Let us show you the amazing difference we can make.

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