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Truly Focused Tree Trimming

Tree being trimmed

There will be times when you find that you don’t need to take down an entire tree on your property to get the results you want. Simply cutting back certain areas of the growth will give you the look and safety you want.

When that happens, you can call in Mountain View’s meticulous experts to get the job done right!

Our local tree trimming, maintenance, and removal company can work with your grounds, and your budget, to give you the options you want. Everything we do is customized according to your needs, and we possess all the specialized equipment and experience to perfectly-shape your trees into a landscape you will love.

Our ideal tree trimming services include:


This process removes unsightly foliage while still maintaining the overall shape of healthy, beautiful trees.


During the Skirting process, we will remove the lower limbs of a tree in order to give it a more-shapely appearance and provide improved sunlight for ground-level growth.

Crown Reduction

Though Mountain View Tree Service DOES NOT do “tree-topping” (completely removing tree canopies), we can help with Crown Reduction. This means we can remove overgrown tree-top foliage to allow light and air to easily move through the trees for improved visibility and overall look.


Pruning removes dangerous branches, limbs, and shrubs from seemingly-inaccessible places. This process gives you increased safety to enjoy being outside and better symmetry around your outdoor property in general.

You don’t have to suffer with an outdoor look you don’t love. Give Mountain View Tree Service a call at (973) 692-0080 to discuss your options. Our estimators will give you a professional, honest, transparent assessment of your tree trimming needs, and design a look for your residential or commercial space that matches your needs and personality.

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